Wednesday, December 17, 2014

(1929 - 2014)

Henry Rutherford died this year. His poetry is already "classic" status, studied on numerous curricula across the nation, and his plays are only now entering the public consciousness. You, reader, no doubt recognize such poems as "Hell's Yard," "In the Garden of Desolation," or "The Last Sunset." He wrote really bleak stuff. As for his plays, I'd be surprised if many even know about The Endless Obsession, which was performed somewhat recently by a free-form theater troupe. That's the only one available on the internet, so far as I can find, though it's on such shady websites that I won't link to it here.

I will use this blog to discuss his works in greater detail. I'll probably also slip in whatever cool stuff I can find out about my college's upcoming production.

A bit of a warning in advance, though: His plays have a lot of birds in them.

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